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Arkalys WebSite Whois

Arkalys WebSite Whois

Arkalys WebSite Whois is a software to find available domain or to find and keep information about registrant. All the information is save into a database on your computer. Then u can print or consult without any internet connection. U can proceed with a long ...

Shareware  514k 1028 Arkalys Software Inc
Visual WhoIs 2004

Visual WhoIs 2004

Visual WhoIs 2004 is a handy network tool that allows you to find relevant information about domains, ip addresses, web servers, email addresses... Protect your privacy, avoid fraudulent sites and hoaxes. Locate web sites, email addresses and IP addresses on a 3D globe. Visual WhoIs ...

Shareware  2,542k 745 Software River solutions Inc
Free Whois Anywhere

Free Whois Anywhere

Free whois anywhere. Search across all Generic Top Level Domains and most Country Code Top Level Domains. It can also search IP information from ARIN WHOIS database.

Freeware  427k 1006 Active Network CO LTD
conaito WhoIs DLL for .NET, ASP.NET, COM

conaito WhoIs DLL for .NET, ASP.NET, COM

The conaito WhoIs.dll is a powerful .NET component for whois searches. You can easily integrate Whois searches with your application using any .NET language. The conaito WhoIs.dll was written entirely in managed code. It is possible to override a given whois server and use a ...

Commercial  91k 1409 conaito Technologies
Elcro Whois

Elcro Whois

Simple FREE tool for getting whois info about an IP or domain name. Just enter the IP address or domain name and press 'whois'.

Freeware  590k 612 Elcro
WHOIS Toolbar for Internet Explorer

WHOIS Toolbar for Internet Explorer

This toolbar allows to receive the WHOIS information about current page in Internet Explorer.For ordinary users this toolbar will be useful as a tool that allows to get the additional information about current page (IP, country, organization).For developers the source code of this toolbar will ...

Freeware  447k 804 Shestakov Victor
A Warp9 Whois Plugin

A Warp9 Whois Plugin

Plugin for IE browser; Get Whois info with a push on the button ; Supports multiple TLDs;Free and Easy; Works like the 'history' or the Alexa 'related' button.

Freeware  307k 672 Warp9Hosting
Whois Extractor

Whois Extractor

Extract domain owner address, phone, fax, email, dns, date value from whois. Whois Extractor extracts domain information from global whois database source. It extracts Domain, TLD, Registrant, Admin Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Phone, Fax, Email, NameServer, Domain Created Date, Updated Date, Domain Expired ...

Shareware  705k 1088 WebExtractor System
SoftFuse Whois

SoftFuse Whois

SoftFuse Whois is an advanced whois tool for domainers. It does a quick lookup search for a specific domain name and brings all the available information (administrative, technical, billing contacts, domain IPs, DNS servers, ect.) to your eyes in seconds!You may see is the domain ...

Shareware  932k 794 SoftFuse Development


Whois Tool is a client utility that communicates with WHOIS servers located around the world to obtain domain registration information. Whois supports IP address queries and automatically selects the appropriate whois server for IP addresses. This tool will lookup information on a domain, IP address, ...

Freeware  617k 1615 Nsasoft US LLC
Whois Tools

Whois Tools

Whois Tools is a free WHOIS and DNS lookup application designed to help users to look up the Whois records and DNS information of a website. The application is particularly useful to web designers and developers for looking up Whois and DNS information for the ...

Freeware  4,537k 396 Top 10 Web Hosting

Atomic Whois Explorer

Atomic Whois Explorer is designed to search through global WHOIS database to extract owners' personal data. Current version of the program is capable of retrieving all contact e-mail addresses, phone and fax numbers, country name and expiration dates. Once the list of domain is loaded ...

Shareware  1,044k 590 AtomPark Software

Whois 2010 Pro (Lifetime License)

Whois 2010 PRO is a useful network information software that will allow you to look up all the available information about a domain name.Some Features of Whois 2010 PRO: - Smart operation: The program always looks up whois data in the right database; you don't ...

Shareware  1,044k 370 Lapshins, Inc.

Arm Whois

Arm Whois 3.0 gives a user an opportunity to find out information about a computer located in any part of the world. It automatically performs an intelligent search for the right database, delivers all available results within a few seconds in a readable form, processes ...

Shareware  942k 585 ArmCode

WhoIs Analyzer Pro

VOSTROM has announced the release of WhoIs Analyzer Pro, the ultimate WhoIs tool used to find "up to the minute" WhoIs information from around the world. WhoIs Analyzer Pro is unlike any WhoIs tool on the market today because of it's state of the art ...

Shareware  3,584k 309 VOSTROM
Active Whois Browser

Active Whois Browser

Active Whois is an easy-to-use network tool for the retrieving of all information such as country, email and postal addresses for the owners of IP addresses and Internet domains. Unlike other WHOIS clients, Active Whois does not require special skills to collect the desired information. ...

Shareware  1,556k 610 John Security
Domain Whois Checker

Domain Whois Checker

Domain Whois Checker is a powerful tool to check availability of multiple domain names or monitor domain name expiration. You can check a large list of the domain names, save it for later checking and find out great expired domain names using date filters. Also ...

Shareware  1,111k 440 Emergency Soft

Domain WhoIs info from 8 registerars

You can choose from any one of the Who is servers below to find the real owner of the domain. Info is retrieved from:whois.opensrs.netwhois.networksolutions.comwhois.nic.govrs.internic.netwhois.ripe.netwhois.arin.netwhois.apnic.netwhois.aunic.net

Shareware  359k 817 guardprivacy com
no-load-life-ins urance-whois

no-load-life-ins urance-whois

WHOIS Manager takes the guesswork out of WHOIS lookups by automatically determining the domain registrar, then instantly querying that registrar's WHOIS server all in one simple step!When you perform a WHOIS search on a domain name a query is sent to theregistrar (the company that ...

Freeware  1,096k 667 no load life insurance ltd

BeeThink IP Address WhoIs

BeeThink IP Address WhoIs is a tool for looking up IP address information. It will retrieve the ownership information by digging through various whois servers automatically.

Freeware    657 BeeThink Company

Whois View

WhoisView is a Windows software tool for finding the owner of an IP block or domain name.The main feature of WhoisView is its simplicity. Type in a host name or IP address and it will retrieve the ownership information by digging through various authoritative whois ...

Freeware  297k 263 Softnik Technologies

WhoIs Lookup Multiple Addresses Software

Query multiple addresses to find owner information. This list can be saved as a text file.

Shareware  758k 1149 Sobolsoft

Delphi WHOIS component

This component queries the regional WHOIS servers for information on a given address. On success it returns two kind of information:* Domain registrant (owner) data, and* IP addresses owner data when the domain name has an IP address.The component makes requests in a background thread ...

Shareware    625 Leonid Belousov

FireFox2/IE7 Domain Search / Whois by EdibleHost.com

A simple FireFox 2.0+ / IE7 search extension for checking domain name availability, and whois information / content of domain names that are already registered. Tested in FireFox 2 and IE 7. This should work for any future browsers that support the open s

Freeware  31k 356 ediblehost.com

Multi Whois

Multi-Whois is a small whois domain name search program capable of finding multiple available domains via a file or a MySQL query. It's a good way to search for domains that are available to buy.

Freeware  14k 217 xwh0i5.sourceforge.net

WP.cgi Whois Proxy

wp-whois-proxy (wp.cgi) is a total rewrite (perl) of the famous GeekTools Whois Proxy with additional functions, a validated html/css interface, and explicit functions which should make it easier to maintain and expand.

Freeware  79k 443 wp-whois-proxy.sourceforge.net

Whois Client

This is whois3, a very simple and generic whois client. This client, unlike the classic whois client, does not check for supported flags at the client side, except for -h (whois host) and -p (whois port).

Freeware  92k 333 whois.sourceforge.net

Whois and IP address tracker

fstflx is a whois and ip-address tracker build with perl and php. Fstflx offers a Web interface which shows the (physical) location of an IP using the Google Maps API and the MaxMind database.

Freeware  142k 636 fstflx.sourceforge.net

GNU-whois for Win

This project is basically an imported version of GNU-whois command-line tool(whois 4.7.24).The main part is unchanged, except the socket APIs and some posix functions. All the "adaptor" functions are in the win_funcs.c file.

Freeware  93k 276 whoiswin.sourceforge.net

JWhoisServer - Java Whois Server

JWhoisServer: java whoisserver / java whois server : a small, fast and highly configurable RFC 3912 compliant whois server written in java (platform independent) and using a RDBMS (mysql, postgreSQL, oracle, ...) as a storage engine. a small, fast and highly configurable RFC 3912 compliant ...

Freeware  160k 211 jwhoisserver.net
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